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Oktoberfest in the Tualatin Valley


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Fall Brews and Oktoberfest in Tualatin Valley

While Oktoberfest has German roots, the Tualatin Valley puts its own spin on it, sharing our local beer culture with any and all who visit. 

With more than two dozen breweries in Tualatin Valley, there are a lot of porters, stouts and wheat beers to choose from. Even sour ales, which have a Belgian genealogy, also a playful nod to Oktoberfest. 

Oktoberfest Celebrations in Tualatin Valley

  • Oktoberfest in Forest Grove
    September 24 | 12-7 p.m. | Forest Grove |
    Celebrate Oktoberfest with German beer, food and live music in downtown Forest Grove. This family-friendly festival will have carnival games, tournaments, a magician and balloon animals.
  • OrenKoFest
    September 24 | 12-7 p.m. | Orenco Station Loop | free admission
    This  premier harvest festival at the Orenco Station showcases local and seasonal beers from the Tualatin Valley, as well as other local produce and food from the area. Don’t miss the Bavarian beer stein holding contest, otherwise known as a “Masskrugstemmen.”


Whether you like your beers hoppy, sour or dark, there are plenty of brews to satisfy your palate, not just during Oktoberfest, but throughout the year.

If you like bitter hoppy beers, try Pale Ales, India Pale Ales (IPA) and Double IPAs.
If you like strong, dark beers, try stouts and porters.
If you like refreshing, crisp beers, try wheat beers, fruit beers and cream ales.
If you like malty, nutty beers, try browns, Scottish ales, and Belgian ales.
If you like tart beers, try gose, tout saisons and sour beers.

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