Virtual Tour: Quilt Barn Trail

Virtual Tour of the Tualatin Valley Quilt Barn Trail

Quilts are a beloved part of many family heritages, often passed down for generations. In Tualatin Valley, that heritage and history is reflected in the form of large wood blocks that were hand-painted with traditional quilt patterns.

Each quilt square reflects something significant for each farm family and the agricultural history of the area. The beautiful and unique quilt squares adorn 59 barns at agricultural-related businesses across Tualatin Valley.

The quilt barn trail is intended as a driving route but you can appreciate the squares and their stories from afar.
**Swipe or click through to see all the quilt barns**

The patterned blocks along the Quilt Barn Trail highlight Tualatin Valley’s agricultural and historical heritage, while creating accessible public art and showcasing the art of quilting.

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