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Ambacht Brewing


Meet Tom Kramer and Brandy Grobart, Ambacht Brewing

Ambacht Brewing—Dutch for “handmade”—is the brainchild of brewer and co-owner Tom Kramer, who started his beer career in 1997, including volunteering as a brewer’s assistant at the now-defunct Tuck’s Brewery, which was located in a synagogue in southwest Portland.

Ambacht is known for its innovative beers. Tom brews Ambacht’s organic beers using Belgian yeast and honey, resulting in tasty and unique beers, as well as a Matzobrau, made with matzah.

In 2009, Tom and his cousin-in-law Brandy Grobart started Ambacht after they bonded over home-brewing experiments. Today, Ambacht produces Belgian-inspired ales at its brewery and tasting room.